Today’s cities need more than ever to be sustainable and maintain high quality of life. City management system developed by iLumTech is an innovative, intelligent, and dynamic smart city control and monitoring system. It provides city administrators with comprehensive control of street illumination with additional functions: environmental and traffic sensing, security management and town management providing also data mining and recording for the whole sensor network.

What SYNAPSE does for you


The fundamental functionality of SYNAPSE is to act as a smart street lighting control system. It allows you to control and monitor every luminaire in your street lighting installation with ease either manually or using schedules, as individual devices or in zones. This alone can provide immense energy savings and reduce maintenance significantly. It can also greatly improve urban safety by ensuring light is provided where, when, and to the degree needed no matter what.


SYNAPSE, however, is so much more than a smart street lighting control system. By placing devices, such as sensors, on the existing lighting infrastructure or any other place in the city, you can create a tight mesh of urban and environmental data collectors that let you know what is happening anytime, any place. From measuring air quality and waste build-up to traffic monitoring and helping citizens find parking spaces, SYNAPSE enables you to take full advantage of the possibilities.

Synapse city


So many sensors provide a lot of data. But to make data useful, you must turn it into actionable information. The advanced SYNAPSE ANALYTICS software does just that. It not only records data and presents it as diagrams, tablets, and reports for immediate use, it can tell you about what happened in the past and use that to put current data in context. Basically, it develops  with your city, town, or village to ensure you have all the information you need to optimise city management.

Synapse analytics


SYNAPSE is built around the open LoRAWAN™ specification so that the system can be adapted and updated as needed and easily incorporated with other asset management systems and unrelated sensors and systems using non-proprietary hardware and software with bi-directional API connectivity. Many sensors and other devices are battery-powered with a lifetime of up to 20 years, meaning they do not need to be fed by the electrical grid, and all communicate wirelessly. This makes it easier than you may think to build a truly unique and expandable Smart City platform that can do whatever you need it to, even things we maybe haven’t thought of yet.