As part of the Connected Lighting product family, iLumTech brings to the market a range of Tunable White modules that function based on a totally different principle to standard Tunable White, somewhat like that of a two-way valve. An electronic switch is used to regulate the direction of a single current flow to both warm and cold LED modules, meaning that only one power supply is needed and over-illumination impossi­ble. This leads to higher reliability thanks to simpler dimming and CCT control. What’s more, the luminaire’s efficiency is stable across all CCTs. iLumTech Tunable White modules come with a range of regulation methods including manual push button control, DALI control, and advanced user-interface control.


Connected lighting


Connected lighting


Connected lighting


Connected lighting



First impressions count. Shops must take full advantage of window displays to attract passers-by and draw them inside. Lighting plays a key role here, as well as inside. Good retail lighting has a very positive influence on purchasing behaviour, an effect that will be felt long after the initial cost of renovation is forgotten. For those shops that only require simple Tunable White regulation, it is a waste of money to install a full DALI installation. For such applications, we developed the Manual Tunable White module, which allows for alternation of the CCT of a luminaire using push buttons even when the luminaire is only equipped with a fixed driver. Regulation can be both smooth or implemented in steps, depending on how the buttons are pressed. So, without the need for new wiring, it is now very easy to install Tunable White luminaires that can adapt to changing displays, merchandise, trends, and seasons.


Lighting that follows the same rhythm as us

The arrival of LED and our new understanding of light’s role in proper functioning for the circadian rhythm can together help us improve our wellbeing. The colour, amount and distribution of the light we are exposed to, and when and for how long, fundamentally affects our body’s physiological operate. Daylight provides bright, blue-rich light in the morning that delivers an alerting signal to help us wake up, but exposure to that same light at night will certainly keep us up and throw us off the game the next day. In contrast to morning light and to ensure restful sleep, daylight provides warm, low-level light in the evening. Thanks to Tunable White, we can now personalise lighting to support the healthy functioning of our circadian rhythms and improve mood, performance, and sense of wellbeing. Such daylight simulation is ideal for use in offices where we have little access to the healthful properties of daylight, helping us to feel on top form every day.



Older people and those who are less mobile tend to spend most of their time indoors. According to studies, dimmable light that can be adjusted between a warm CCT of 3000 K and cool CCT 6500 K can be used to mimic the natural changes of daylight to support a person’s circadian rhythm, improve alertness, and influence blood pressure, body temperature, and hormone levels. The addition of dimming not only allows the light become brighter or dimmer according in the same way as daylight, but also allows users to adjust the light level according to their preference or need. Tunable White modules combined with suitable control interfaces make it incredibly easy to implement and regulate such lighting.


home is where we should feel at our best

Most people are used to the CCT of standard incandescent bulbs for interior lighting in the home. This CCT, of approximately 2700 K, creates a pleasant, cosy atmosphere. For home use, people therefore tend to prefer light with a CCT of 2700–3000 K, while finding a cooler CCT of 5000 K too blue and harsh despite it being very close to the 5600 K of daylight. Yet, as we have already mentioned, there are many reasons to use cooler CCTs, even at home. For example, cold, bright light will help us to wake up in the morning and can increase alertness and performance, so could be useful in bathrooms and kitchens in the morning, and in children’s rooms and home offices when work is being done


light that adapts to circumstances

Halls, restaurants, hotel conference rooms, and other versatile spaces are used to host a wide array of activities with varying demands on the lighting. They can be used for evening events where the aim is to relax under warm light, but also for work events where the goal is that attendees concentrate for long periods of time under cool, stimulating light. It is therefore highly beneficial to include Tunable White functionality in these spaces, whether it be facilitated through simple manual control or more advanced DALI control that also allows for other control possibilities.