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Reflectors are optical parts that regulate luminous flux from the light source whereby reflection from the material – a mirror reflection, diffuse or mixed reflection. Different types of reflectors are used for different applications. Basically reflectors are divided into two groups. The first group includes the reflectors, which consist of conic. Conic includes shapes as parabola, hyperbola and ellipse part. The second group includes the reflectors, which consist of not centred circle.


Parabolic reflector creates a deep, centred lighting curve.  It is used for applications where is claim  high levels of illumination for a relatively small area. Hyperbolic reflector is able to create half-width, almost wide lighting curve. Is used for low-bay luminaires or street lighting. If light source is placed into focus of reflector formed of part of an ellipse, then the light beam are reflected into the second focus of an imaginary ellipse. They are used for applications where it is needed deep almost wide lighting curve.


Facet reflector consists of different surfaces with different angles of rotation for better distribution of luminous flux to the required direction.