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DALI means Digital Addressable Lighting Interface and is a protocol set out in the technical standard IEC 62386 for network-based systems that control lighting in building automation. The aim of the development of DALI was to build an international industry standard for intelligent and easy management of lighting equipment.

A DALI network consists of DALI-compatible controllers and one or more lighting devices such as drivers, dimmers, user-interfaces, sensors, and much more. The protocol allows for all of these devic­es to be addressed and controlled using individual, group, and scenic commands. Control possibilities include dimming, Tunable White regulation, RGB lighting, the addition of sensors, creation of both static and dynamic sequences, and even system monitoring.

DALI’s digital simplicity and flexibility enables the creation of solutions that are easy-to-use, robust, interoperable, and above all affordable. DALI has proven its reliability for many years, and will continue to develop and support the growing demands for professional lighting.

In 2014, a new logo and licensing pro­cess was agreed to define the condi­tions for proper usage of the DALI logo. Each new product must pass testing by an official DALI tester. Thanks to having our own DALI tester, we can perform DALI testing in-house. The basic DALI tester configuration can be extended for further testing, meaning we can provide even stricter testing than that required by the standards. We intend to become an official DALI testing house to simplify and shorten the DALI certifi­cation process for our customers.

If you want the DALI trademark to be applied to any developed product or device, you must ask a member of DALI WG. As an active member, we have ap­proval to use the logo on developed products that are compliant with the latest DALI standard. Furthermore, membership gives us direct access to the newest version of test sequences and standards, thus ensuring the most up-to-date testing conditions.