Office lighting plays a crucial role in the creation of sustainable and effective working conditions. Light helps us see. It also helps us to feel better. Lighting should be designed according to workplaces, which require higher levels of illumination than other areas. Sensors, emergency units, dimming, and the option of incorporating Tunable White are becoming standard features in modern office lighting. With the help of suitable control interfaces, it is now possible for every employee to adjust the lighting at their workplace according to mood, activity, preference, and need – all from the comfort of a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Further opportunities are presented by lighting that changes intensity and CCT to follow the natural cycle of daylight. This not only improves performance, it also positively influences energy levels, mood, and overall wellbeing. Meanwhile, LMS can be used to reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact of every office. So, why not make your working environment more comfortable and effective, while protecting the planet and the contents of your wallet?



For those companies with warehouses, energy saving is a hot topic. One of the most effective and cost-friendly ways to reduce operational costs for such areas is to change old lighting installations for new LED ones controlled by energy-conscious LMS including control units, and presence and motion sensors. By using DALI communication, sensors, and compatible luminaires, you can rest assured that every device in your lighting installation understands its purpose and is controlled in the most effective way by adjusting light levels according to presence and activity. To make things even easier, both manual regulation and set-up needn’t be done from one location, but rather on the move from a smartphone in combination with NFC control.



Whether your factory is used for manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, or packaging, you need the right light to get the job done safely and on time. Workers should be supported to feel fresh, and their productivity not hindered by inappropriate illumination. LED lighting in combination with control units and user-friendly control interfaces offer an effective way to cut back on your energy bills while simultaneously improving working conditions and the wellbeing of your workers. DeeBridge and BlueBridge enable simple automated regulation of CCT and light intensity according to the time of day to support a healthy natural rhythm, as well as manual control via smartphone or a tablet, which can even be installed on the wall as an alternative to expensive touch panels.



Lighting systems in greenhouses can be effectively automated using DALI and clever control interfaces. The CCT, intensity, and timing of lighting can have a considerable influence on the productivity of greenhouses. For example, to benefit fully from CO2 supplementation, it is necessary to provide the appropriate light during supplementation periods. Lighting systems should also include daylight sensors that can adjust the lighting according to the amount of daylight entering. A fast and easy solution for such areas could include DeeBridge, BlueBridge, or the DLS Panel II, all of which facilitate regulation of Tunable White and RGB luminaires according to need.



Light intensity, light distribution, day length, and CCT are the most important factors of lighting for the agricultural industry. A suitable lighting regime will improve the health and productivity of livestock, and includes the provision of suitable light distribution, minimisation of shadows, an appropriate light level, use of high-frequency light sources, and effective dimming. To achieve this, it is necessary to not only install a carefully designed lighting system, but to combine it with a tailored LMS that is easy to control and set according to the daily routine of the animals and the seasons. Animals are extremely sensitive to changes in lighting, which highlights the importance of professional lighting design and use of the best equipment. An easy way to achieve the desired result would be to use DeeBridge or BlueBridge, which enable setting and control of all of necessary lighting parameters while on the move, simply from a worker’s smartphone. As BlueBridge can work across long distances, a whole hall can be controlled from a single device. Economic and effective.



Our small, wireless, and powerful RGB and single colour DALI control interfaces come with a smartphone or tablet application that allow you to create amazing lighting with ease. Whether you use the lighting for your house, hotel, restaurant, or town, you can regulate the light intensity and colour of your lighting without the need for expensive touch panels through easy-to-set lighting scenes, schedules, and dynamic sequences.