The development we are talking of is the nano-diffuser, which can be used as a replacement for standard optical parts such as prismatic diffusers, louvres, and reflectors. Our nano-diffuser is a thin PMMA plate applied with opto-mechanical nano-structures that control light distribution by modifying the surface or volume of the material. The optical relief is invisible as the dimensions of the structures are in nanometres (microns). The bitmap design consists of million of pixels that represent structures (Fresnel lenses) that can focus, collimate, partially collimate, and diverge incoming light beams in the same way as conventional lenses, but, thanks to the size, allow for more precise control of the light and so greater optical efficiency. By placing the nano-diffuser at different distances from the LEDs, the LIDC can be modified.


Key features

  • Different LIDCs achievable with single luminaire design-
  • 3 main LIDCs: double asymmetric (2 types), medium wide
  • Improved system efficacy of the luminaire
  • No need for other optical parts
  • More precise control of the light

Technical parameters

  • Material: PMMA with applied nanostructure
  • Optical relief of nanostructure: 1 micron
  • Lenght: standardly 0.6m, 1.2m, 1.5m, and up to 3m on request
  • Width: 65 mm
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Transmission of diffuser with structures: 96 %




The most used light distribution for standard interior application is medium wide. This ensures a homogenous distribution of the light across a wide area when the luminaires are installed at a height of between 2 and 3 metres. The light distribution provided by use of a nano-diffuser positioned 5 mm from LED light sources is the same as that provided by a standard luminaire with batwing louvre and microprism diffuser. Luminaires equipped with nano-diffusers are perfect for installation in corridors, halls, receptions, and can even be used in luminaires with an indirect light distribution, a common alternative used use in offices and representative areas.



We mainly use double asymmetric light distribution is supermarket settings. This light distribution is the most difficult to calculate, and in addition to this there are high demands on light quality as there must be no defect or spectral change that will result in poorer illumination. Our self-developed nano-diffuser uses a double asymmetric opto-mechanical nano-structures positioned 10 mm from LED light sources to provide an ideal solution for this demanding application.



By positioning our asymmetric nano-diffuser 15 mm from LED light sources, it makes the equipped luminaire suitable for use in warehouses where the lighting is installed at a higher height. The achieved light distribution – deep double asymmetric – is ideal for the illumination of shelves that stand to the full height of the space, while still ensuring proper illumination of the floor.