Manual TW modules are suitable for everybody who want and need a simple interface that can be adjusted with the push of a button. The version with pre-defined button is suitable specially for track luminaires.


Key features

  • Allows for CCT control via push buttons, negating the need for a DALI bus
  • Powered by standard LED drivers (FIX, 1–10 V and DALI)
  • Smooth CCT regulation using long presses of push buttons
  • Discreet incremental CCT regulation using short presses of push buttons
  • Fixed positioning of the push buttons on the luminaire

Technical parameters

  • Input Voltage (Vin terminal) : 25V DC – 56V DC
  • Output Voltage (LED W, LED C terminal): 25VDC – 56VDC
  • Module consumption: < 15mW
  • Output Current: 0 – 1,5 A


Manual TW module 01 has a fixed position of buttons so the module should be placed in a fixture on the place, where the button can be reachable. After powering up Manual TW electronic reloads last used setting of output current ratio. The new level is saved to memory after 10 seconds of push button inactivity. Push button 1 (PB 1) serves for increasing and Push button 2 (PB 2) for decreasing of output current ratio. There are two modes of current ratio transients – smooth mode and discrete mode.

Discrete mode  is activated by default. When short pressing one of the push buttons (holding pressed shorter than 1 second) the current ratio level is changed in discrete steps according to the table below. One press activates change of one step.

Smooth mode  is activated when one of the push buttons is hold pressed longer than 1 second. After this period current ratio starts to change (increase or decrease) smoothly with approximately 2 % per second.