3in1 LED modules

There are many different LED modules and LED light engines (LLE) available on the market, usually comprised of LED light sources, engines and drivers. In most cases, further components must be added to assure their correct functionality. The first of those is a heatsink. As LED light sources and modules with high lumen outputs are sensitive to thermal conditions, heatsinks are an intrinsic part of the development process for most luminaires. However, what really marks the difference between luminaires is their ability to provide a desired LIDC. With standard LED modules and engines, the optical aspects of the luminaires design must be solved through the addition of reflectors, refractors or lenses.

Herein lies the key to what makes our LED modules unique: they are ready to use without the need for further development, what makes them an ideal choice for both luminaire manufacturers and those seeking the devices necessary to create a bespoke lighting solution.