The Infinitas 3in1 LED module is designed for use in office, track and continuous line luminaries for applications with the highest demands on effectiveness and visual comfort. The clever combination of high-performance LED light sources with an original hybrid optical system and carefree thermal management determine the module for ready use.


Key features

  • Compact, ready to use LED modules with integrated dual optic and thermal management
  • Easy installation into luminaire or ceiling
  • Office, industrial, retail lighting application
  • Long life time and reliability

Technical parameters

  • Optical system: PMMA diffuser, metalized reflector
  • Thermal management: aluminium sheet plate
  • System efficiency of the module: up to 137 lm/W
  • Net lumen output: up to 620 lm
  • Beam angle: 73°/76°
  • UGR: 21/24 (up to 16 in situation)
  • CCT: 3000K/4000K
  • MacAdam: 3
  • CRI: 83 (CRI 90 on request)
  • Life time: up to 131,500 h / L70 B50
  • IP: 20