design team (9 of 62)The iLumTech product design department is a unique creative body. Here you will find an international team of experienced designers who focus on the conceptual designs and creative concepts that transform innovative ideas into successful products. The design team provides visionary concepts, new product development and product upgrades and redesigns. However, there is more; the team can also perform competitor research and create tailored design strategies for your product as well as producing rapid prototypes and mock-ups for aesthetic evaluation to support the decision making process. Our designers work in partnership with customers at the highest professional level to deliver ingenious ideas, innovative solutions and design concepts according to project specifications. Furthermore, the design team will cover the entire product design process within our own facilities, making use of advanced 3D computer modelling programmes, 3D laser scanning, our own 3D printing machine and a fully equipped prototyping workshop to delivered prototypes and mock-ups in a fast and economical manner. Our aim is to create excellent designs based on your ideas that will fit, enhance and develop your product portfolio.

Design research

When it comes to design...

services industrial research big…knowing comes before doing. Based on a full understanding of your needs we are able to precisely define targets, provide fresh ideas and go on to transform them into viable industrial products that meet the highest international standards. Our research team includes trend scouts, researchers, designers, material and process engineers, and product and account managers, all of whom will give their best to help turn your idea into an innovative and commercially successful product.

Style definition

We will accurately assess your current company and product visual style, which acts as the base for future product definition, brand development, redesign or portfolio expansion. This service is provided by our team of designers with the support of product managers and brand strategists.

Branding and communication

We will analyse your brand and perform corporate identity and competitor research specifically with a focus on branding. Based upon this we will propose suggestions for future brand redesign, style updates and definitions of new or revised corporate identities. This service is provided by a dedicated team of brand managers, graphic designers, product designers and account managers.

Design strategy

In order for a product to succeed it must have a market focus. We will help you define specific targets and guidelines for future products. This will help you create achievable goals as well as to choose a suitable approach and marketing strategy, which will in turn enable you to calculate the costs of manufacturing and tooling and set release dates. This service is provided by a specific multi-disciplinary team with the aim of providing measurable and target-trackable strategies.

Competitor research

This service acts as a base for any new project. Specific competitors are selected for approach comparison to aid in product definition, key features definition and product market placement. It provides the customer with a review of current relevant competitor strategies for selected products. This service is provided by a team of designers supported by product managers and marketing strategists.

Customer research

Customer research is needed for any new project definition and product market placement. It provides the customer with a review of key customers with varying demands. This service is provided by a team of designers, product managers and marketing strategists.

Product review

A service designed to provide a review of existing product design proposals from a design point of view. This means the selection of key features or capabilities and their review (for example engineering, manufacturing, thermal simulation, sales strategy, promotion strategy, etc.). This service is provided by a team of specialists within selected reviewing parameters.

Product optimalisation / redesign / customisation

A service designed to review a product, suggest ways to optimise it and select redesign options to fit specific customer needs. This can lead to future design updates, new materials, colours or textures, manufacturing process upgrades and the redesign of specific features. This service is provided by an interdisciplinary team of product designers, product managers and engineers from various fields of expertise.

Sustainability review

A service designed to calculate product lifetime and cost / investment return. This service is provided by a team of product managers and product designers.

Design management

We will create a relevant product strategy by setting key achievable goals using selected measurable processes and provide management leading up to successful product release. This service acts as a communication and management body overseeing all production processes, provided by designers and product managers.

Product design

We use creativity and experience

Air TrackProduct design is a vast area that covers all the pre-production processes that lead to a fully functional prototype. The iLumTech design team understands that success depends on the close cooperation of all involved in the process. As a result of this, we stay close to our customers and want to get you involved in every step. By combining the design team’s creative cross-industry expertise with innovative ideas, software analysis, CAD virtual reality simulation and effective manufacturing processes, we can ensure lean production and the reliability and quality of the developed product. Our design team works in close partnership with engineers and managers to ensure that we find the very best solution for every project.

Project definition

Product design covers all the pre-production processes that lead to a fully functional prototype. By combining our creative cross-industry expertise with software analysis, CAD virtual reality simulation, and effective manufacturing processes, we can ensure lean production and the reliability and quality of the developed product.

Concept innovations

A process including discussions and brain storming sessions that enable us to combine ideas and share critical thinking for the purpose of better understanding the future product and identifying ways to provide meaningful results. This service focuses on new, creative and unconventional approaches to problem solving, and is provided by designers, strategists, trend scouts and engineers.

Product design

A service designed to provide product shape definition as well as material, colour, pattern and graphic scheme proposals for various design applications according to the specific needs of the customer. This service is the most critical part of the product design process, producing first hand results that can be evaluated by key indicators. Usually, design proposals are delivered using a variety of different approaches according to the varying product strategies applied by different groups of designers. Shape creation is provided using various mediums such as sketch renders, clay models, CAD shapes, 3D laser scans and others. The results of the design process can be presented in various forms as renders or 3D animations. This part of the product design process is essential for product definition and the selection of optimal manufacturing processes. This service is provided by groups of industrial designers and material, colour or trim designers within the design team.

Product optimisation and enhancement

This service optimises mechanical engineering and manufacturing processes according to any key indicators that need to be added or modified. Optimisation can be used to minimise the number of processes involved in production, cost reduction and alternative material selection. All processes are supervised by the design team, ensuring a high level of design quality throughout. This service is provided by a multidisciplinary team of designers, mechanical engineers, material engineers and project managers.

Virtual model construction

This service provides 3D models in selected qualities and formats according to need and timeframe. The 3D virtual model is provided for shape definition, construction evaluation, measurements of key indicators, rapid prototyping processes, and presentation purpose renders and animations. The 3D virtual model can be used for real time conference evaluation in various locations to ensure better understanding of selected issues. This service is provided by designers and mechanical engineers using specialised CAD programmes.

Mock-ups and prototypes

From paper to model

IMG_5560To effectively assess and evaluate the design, manufacturing optimisation and aesthetic features of a product it is necessary to see a tangible and realistic version of it. In this case, nothing can replace the experience of seeing and touching a physical model. With mock-ups, we simulate the physical appearance of a product. Prototypes take this experience to the next level by adding the real, simulated or similar functionality of selected features. We can create both low-fidelity mock-ups and high-fidelity prototypes using various manufacturing processes. For example, we can provide you with clay models for shape evaluation or 3D scanning, full models for exhibition presentation and promotion, and mock-ups of interior spaces and complex objects, for which we use rapid prototyping that utilises CNC milling and vacuum forming technologies as well as certain hand-modelling processes.

Low-fidelity mock-ups

With this service we simulate the physical appearance of a product with focus on specific features that need to be tested, such as the simulation of a dimensioned outer shape for component selection, material and surface texture, and colour schemes or other selected features that require physical appearance testing. With mock-ups we simulate the first hand product experience with critical focus on ergonomics in daily use. This process quickly leads to product optimisation and design enhancements, and is provided by designers, engineers, shape modellers and workshop staff.

Rapid prototyping

This service provides rapid development of full models based on 3D virtual models provided by the design team. It is an enhanced mock-up manufacturing process that allows us to create complex parametric structures with inside cavities that are impossible to manufacture in any other way. We can work together regardless of location by sending and receiving the data required and communicating about manufacturing issues over long distances. This service is provided by product designers supported by mechanical engineers.

High-fidelity prototypes

A service dedicated to high quality full scale working mock-up production for product promotion and usability testing. With this service we simulate the physical appearance of a product with a focus on specific features that need to be tested in physical appearance, for example, the simulation of shape, incorporation of selected components, material applications and tests, surface finish tests and more. Highfidelity prototypes can be manufactured in a selected quality and scale according to the needs of usability testing. This service is provided by product designers, mechanical engineers and workshop staff.

Product promotion

From idea to customer

shopwindow_led_sequence-705_3We can use a variety of approaches to promote your final product. Sometimes it is ideal to use a full-scale model that it is possible to interact with, which is especially beneficial when installed or used in a location suitable for photoshoots. We can produce animated presentations and even entire retail solutions and strategies according to specific customer needs. Whatever your ideas, we can provide you with everything required to promote your product on a global scale. By using the potential of our marketing and product management departments, we are able to deliver a tailored solution for global, local or targeting marketing campaigns.

Product visualisations

We can create high-quality product visualisations for different purposes, from advertising applications to catalogues and web applications. For this, we use specialised CAD rendering programmes and post-production processes to achieve a realistic outcome. This service is provided by product designers.

Product presentations

We can provide product presentations based on specific needs or audience, ranging from tailored presentations of your product for exhibition to detailed manual product externals and internals, incorporated components or product ergonomic documentation. We can provide visualisations, line drawings, prototype photos and construction schemes as well as assembly and other technical or artistic documentation. This service involves the interaction of designers, advertising and marketing specialists and contracted advertising consultants such as directors and marketing experts.

Packaging design

This service provides a retail suitable packaging design for any product. For this purpose we use specialised graphic software to provide many possibilities and variants. This service incorporates interaction between packaging designers, product designers and product managers to fit your needs.