iLumTech at Luxlive2016 in London

Why so much sunshine in London last week?


London is famous for its gloomy, rainy weather, and its grey days can get you down. But last week was a little different. No rain on Wednesday and Thursday, and even a little sunshine on Friday as we left. And we thought to ourselves, maybe LuxLive was the reason. Yes, LuxLive was absolutely amazing. iLumTech exhibited for the first time at the event this year, standing opposite to the IoT arena. People and stands alike were shining, smiles were to be had all around, and we were very glad to have the opportunity to meet you: our customers, our friends, and potential partners. It was also a perfect chance to explore and reflect on what the competition is offering and noting in which direction the market is going.

“Smart”, “connection”, “controls”, “automatic”, and “easy to use” were, we would say, the most widely used words at the exhibition. The world is fully focused on developing and offering methods of controlling light easily in connection with other devices in order to save time and minimise maintenance costs. Apart from the application (interior, outdoor, residential, industrial, commercial, etc.), we all know that lighting does not stand alone but rather functions in connection with a vast array of other systems and devices.

This is the reason why we were glad to introduce you to new functions and attributes in our Connected Lighting portfolio, which includes human centric lighting controls, timers, auto-commissioning tools, feedback systems, new types of sensor, and a brand new graphic user interface for our apps. All these devices and our improved apps will be available from the beginning of 2017. For current users, we are now offering beta versions.

Smart cities are another hot topic at the moment, and we are not missing the beat. SYNAPSE, our city management system, is built around the market-leading open LoRa protocol to allow for the creation of a future-proof platform that enables the integration of any type of sensor with ease.

We were also greatly pleased with the interest shown in our other products such as our range of 3in1 LED modules. Although designed to be incorporated into low- to high-bay luminaires, mast-top and street lighting fixtures, and even directly into ceilings and furniture, they did an excellent job of illuminating our stand – proving that good design comes in versatile packages.

But, as you know, iLumTech is also ready to support you with the full development or partial design (electronic, optical, and thermal) of your product and even carry through with production. Let’s say we are here to be your reliable R&D department.

All of us were happy to be at LuxLive and meet you, and we are already looking forward to seeing you again and hopefully work with you too. And to those of you who weren’t there, feel free to get in touch, and we’ll gladly tell you all about our offer.

Thanks to all you who visited our stand, for the pleasant discussions and company, and the many ideas about future cooperation!