The Energy Harvest Ambient Sensor measures ambient illuminance (lux [lx]) and Correlated Colour Temperature (Kelvins [K]) parameters. It can be used for only illuminance, only CCT, or dual sensing. The sensor can operate as a simple sensor with its data being processed by another device on the same DALI bus (passive mode), or as a combined sensor and control device to regulate the lux and CCT parameters of DALI addressed Tunable White luminaires (active mode). Regulation and configuration of TW luminaires are possible using BlueBridge and its app.

iLumtech energy-harvesting-ambient-sensor_g

Key features

  • Allows for measurement of illuminance (lux [lx]) and Correlated Colour Temperature (Kelvins [K]) properties
  • Communication and configuration via wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (4.1)
  • Biasing from photovoltaic cell, no power supply needed
  • Measurement runs automatically using automatic range switching
  • Due to the energy harvesting biasing circuit, the measurement period can be up to 20 seconds depending on ambient light parameters
  • Can control 2-channel (warm/cold), 2-channel (lx/CCT), and DALI Type 8 luminaires in parallel

Technical parameters

  • No wiring / no extra biasing
  • The range of measured illuminance: 100 lx – 12,000 lx
  • The range of CCT: 2500 K – 8000 K
  • The data can be read by Android device with the appropriate app installed
  • Control through BlueBridge
  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 20 mm