DALI TW MODULE is a DALI compatible device (device type 8) especially designed to allow for the Tunable White control of LED modules through a DALI interface. It represent a simple way of CCT control via DALI using standard components – LED driver and DALI controller.

DALI TW MODULE controls the CCT of light according to the DALI commands received. On DALI line, the device appears with one address as standard DALI device type 8 (Colour control) allowing for direct brightness and CCT level control, group addressing, and fading and scene settings.

For correct function an external LED driver is required (DALI LED driver if brightness control is desired). The device itself is powered independently from mains. The device is open-frame module that can be easily mounted into the luminaire.


Key features

  • Extension for standard LED driver that allows for DALI Tunable white control
  • Standard 1 DALI LED driver needed for dimming control
  • as DALI device type 8 appears with one DALI address ¬simultaneous control of brightness and CCT
  • Allows user to set a wide range of lighting scenes

Technical parameters

  • Mains supply: 90–260 V AC, 120–370 V DC / 47-400 Hz
  • System power: < 200 mW
  • DALI consumption: < 2 mA
  • Insulation: Class II
  • Output voltage range : 30-180 V
  • Output current range: 0 – 3 A
  • Output power range: 0 – 150 W