The iLumTech DALI PLC Separator is part of the Connected Lighting product family as a supportive element for DALI PLC solutions. The DALI PLC Separator isolates the PLC signal from mains voltage and in doing so separates sources of attenuation from the PLC network and other electronic devices from being impacted by the PLC signal. Use of the DALI PLC Separator in a DALI PLC network is highly recommended as it significantly improves PLC communication robustness. It also allows for multiple DALI PLC networks wired on the same phase.


Key features

  • Better performance of PLC communication
  • PLC signal in not attenuated by other electrical devices
  • Allows for separation of PLC networks on the same phase.

Technical parameters

  • A maximum of 64 DALI devices with unique addresses can be connected to single network
  • Only one DALI power supply may be used
  • Input parameters: Voltage: 120 / 230 V AC, Current: Max. 10 A AC


  • Place the DALI PLC Separator between the circuit breaker and luminaires
  • The DALI PLC Separator is a symmetrical device – no input or output
  • Use the DALI PLC Separator between the PLC device powerline and non-PLC devices if the circuit breaker protects also non-PLC devices