A recessed mounted combined ambient light and microwave presence sensor that can sense the presence or absence of people and ambient illuminance levels (lux [lx]). The sensor can operate as a simple sensor with its data being processed by another device on the same DALI bus (passive mode), or as a combined sensor and control device (active mode).

iLumTech dali-ambient-sensor

Key features

  • Presence / absence detection range up to 10 m; detection angle of 90º
  • Mains biased via integrated power supply
  • Communication and configuration via the DALI bus
  • Manually or DALI configurable presence-based dim/switch off delay ranging from 5 seconds to 60 minutes, or “continuous” to disable
  • 2-point calibration option
  • IP20
  • IEC class II

Technical parameters

  • The range of measured illuminance: 10 lx – 2000 lx
  • DALI voltage: 12–24 V DC
  • Dimensions: ø 50 x 64 mm – ceiling opening ø 40 mm
  • Setting through DALI USB