As a technologically forward-thinking company that follows its motto “innovation ahead”, iLumTech is always looking for new ideas, new ways of looking at things, and new people. We offer a wide range of product development services, so constantly have new projects to work on and fresh problems to solve. Our internally-driven research and development provides the opportunity for bright minds to display their potential, learn new skills, and grow on both a personal and professional level. iLumTech is home to a young, motivated team who are aware of and ready to tackle their responsibilities to the company, and to their customers. Our consistent growth means we always have room for new thinkers. So, come join us!

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iLumTech offers you the chance to grow through involvement in the development of new products for the biggest and most reputable companies in the lighting industry. We attract a diverse mix of people to work with us on our groundbreaking international projects.

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Whether you are a recent graduate or come with years of experience, iLumTech is a place that will allow you to put your knowledge, attitude, and skills into practice in a stimulating environment. We are always open to new ideas and appreciate those with an open and curious mind.